Special applications

The range of application of our equipments is growing continuously. For new applications, we are happy to design suitable solutions for you. In the past, we designed for example, an installation for egg boiling and set up sucessfully a special equipment for this purpose. The beverage industry is also looking for new tastes and flavours: The smoking of hops provides beer with a soft smoking flavour.

The consumer behaviour is changing permanently. It is recommended to reduce the consumption of meat and sausage. The demand for replacing products as tofu is growing, bringing our installations also in this industry to operation.

The sustainable use of food products is an important issue for us. We were all the more pleased to design and produce an installation which dries the juice pomace processing it to powder. Mangos, Cranberries and other fruits can be completely processed with this equipment.

Many of the mentioned installations we realized internationally, our project business knows no borders!