Meat and sausages

... refining meat, sausages or poultry…

Your products should be unique?

With GERMOS NESS you determine your individual product result. Refining:

  • Vienna sausages
  • meat loaf
  • Landjäger (spicy smoked sausage)
  • Cabanossi (dried smoked pork sausage with aroma of seasonings)
  • ham
  • raw ham
  • cooked salami
  • liver sausage, and many more products

GERMOS NESS will be happy to advise you! Smoking, cooking, drying/maturing, cooling or baking, in all aspects our technical equpiments are real workhorses and reliably will support your production convincing with a high system availabilty! GERMOS NESS delivers installations, whether as special equipment, or as universal equipment with several processing variants. Our installations ensure a quick and constant drying to achieve uniform product results and minimize the reduction of weight.