NESS sawdust smoke generator

NESS smoke generators all work on the same principle: only the quantity of smoke actually needed is generated to achieve the desired result. If the closed Circo-Smoke-System® is used, the consumption of smoking material can be reduced by up to 80 percent (compared to open systems). The result: less costs for smoking material, less pollution of the system and thus less cleaning efforts.

The smouldering of sawdust is the traditional method of producing smoke. Of course, this procedure also has its very specific advantages. Due to the rather soft mechanical processes inside, only a low power drive is necessary and the system runs very quietly. Sawdust is available practically everywhere with no effort and can be combined into individual chip mixtures to achieve very individual flavours.

    • low smoke generation temperature by means of special air supply at the smouldering plate
    • if flamable gases are generated, these are reduced to absolutely harmless residual quantities already in the smoke generator by a special NESS process
    • simple operation and easily accessible smouldering plate and smoking material container
    • automatic cleaning of the smoke pipes
    • automatic extinguishing system (in case of overtemperature)
    • inspection glass in the door to check the smoke generation
    • using large cylindric storage containers wit flat cottom, no residues will remain and there will be compression oft he smoking material
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