GERMOS vapour-smoke generator

The R54, which has been established on the market for many years, has been replaced by the R60 series. Technical optimizations guarantee stable smoke quality, longevity and an easy application. Especially in industrial applications, the R60 has proven itself as a true workhorse. The humid smoke penetrates deeply into the product enabling an intense smoke taste and an uniform colour.

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • short smoking times
  • reduced loss of weight
  • very aromatic smoke flavour
  • uniform and stable smoke colour which will not fade-off when cooling or showering
  • dark smoke colours according to customers requirements
  • very small quantities of destructive substances because of low smoke generating temperatures
  • full smoke capacity within seconds
  • woodchips transport and precise portioning via stainless steel worm-gear
  • energy saving mode during non-operation times
  • due to the use of superheated water steam, there is no open flame in the smoke generator. Therefore, the smoke generator is not potentially explosive when used as intended (IBExU certificate).
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